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Go Figure Coaching

Business owners, entrepreneurs, go getters, high achievers often face specific challenges, and can end up creating a habit of using food, under-eating, overeating, bingeing and purging, emotional eating alcohol to deal with anxiety, overwhelm, stress and a sense of ‘not enough-ness’.

Thing is these habit do work! But Over time the very habits that helped dial down the stress and worries, that provided a quick mood elevator and energy boost , that kept you going when exhaustion hit so you could attend another later dinner out or early breakfast meeting, turn in compulsive habits that create some serious health issues, like brain fog, mood swings, muscle & joint pain, constipation and diarrhea, anxiety and depression, diabetes, heart disease and autoimmune issues.

HeadachesAnxietyBack PainJoint StiffnessMuscle SorenessConstipationDry SkinWeight GainHair LossCravingsTemperature FluctuationsDiarrheaBrain FogDepressionMood Swings

I know because at 42 I began to tick all those boxes and by 44 I had the whole lot as do most of my clients! A personal trainer, exercise class instructor, fat loss specialist with 22 years as a fitness professional by this point (its 30 now!) I thought I knew how to handle the weight gain and all the rest with the right type of nutrition and exercise prescription.


So instead of accepting antidepressants from my GP I set out to discover and then master the gaps in my understanding of how the body and mind work as WHOLE how to heal without relying on pills and conventional medical protocols.


If you are ready get out of pain, let go of the habits that are no longer serving you so that you can be the person happier, calmer and in control of your life.

I coach you through the steps to being able transform who you are and how you live your life with empathy and compassion. In return I ask you to bring courage, curiosity and commitment to the process.


My Story

Initially My GP told me it was ‘my age’ and the stress of building my business and being a single parent who was also juggling with visiting ill parents 250 miles away.

I should just accept it was part of getting older….oh and it could be early menopause, let’s keep an eye on things!



Thing is I know my own body really, really well, yet I felt it was out of my control.

I knew all my symptoms were NOT menopause related and as a health and wellness ‘geek’ I knew there were a myriad of possible issues going on the my GP hadn’t even though of never mind mentioned.

I put up with things for another year, getting on with my busy life and serving others, I went back to GP again, had some basic blood tests and was told everything was normal, (I felt far from normal – whatever that is!) then another.

I was exercising hard, limiting calories, doing intermittent fasting and yet the weight wouldn’t budge, my energy was tanking, I was struggling to function and  ready to call it day on my business and everything, throw the duvet over my head and hope I never woke up again!

Yes,  I felt THAT bad…so I went back to GP a third time another year later, BROKEN DOWN IN THE ROOM and was offered…


No way, not in a million years having seen how they destroyed my own Mum’s life, physically, emotionally and mentally. So my mission began to find out what the heck was going on….and I did.

The result being I quickly discovered I had Hashimotos an autoimmune issue that affects the thyroid, leaky gut, inflammation, massive vitamin and mineral deficiencies and among other things I was heading for a heart attack and diabetes!

Getting TESTING – the right testing and working with and learning from experts in ALL areas of physical and mental health means that I know pretty much all I need to, so that I can  help smart, high performing women with the same health issues I did , to overcome what feels impossible and turn their health around – especially when society, friends and your own Doctor keep telling you its ‘your age’ or worse, its all in your head!

I didn’t turn things around fast enough to prevent me having a heart attack early on in 2018 but what that did do was allow me to understand even more about overcoming major health events, the vital importance of VAGAL tone, energy alignment and the power of the brain, our language and thinking on cellular health & function.


Well my LEAKY GUT and poor digestive health meant that CALCIUM was not being absorbed and utilised by my body, instead it was building up in the arteries, in my case the main one in my heart!

Nothing to do with my ‘fitness’ everything to do with my HEALTH HISTORY of bulimia, anorexia, laxative abuse, alcoholism, smoking and restricting major food groups from my diet so there was never enough variety of foods to give my CELLS everything they needed to function optimally or my gut microbiome to be able to breakdown, absorb and assimilate the little quality nutrition it was getting.

See I was still reaching for the carby, sugary snacks, running on caffeine and skipping meals, but convincing myself it was okay, I needed the energy and exercise would burn it off, just for today, everyday!

I was over exercising as way to manage my stress, and to numb out from my anxieties and worries. I was still putting others needs and my work obligations way before my own needs and not getting enough sleep or time to just laugh and have fun!

Worse I wasn’t even enjoying all this struggle so I wasn’t building a business I loved, just one I thought I should. Now I realise life is short, and it can be taken from you at any time…

I was lucky I survived my heart attack and can take it as warning, many people don’t get that chance, I am also fortunate that my obsession with weight and how I looked in my teens, pushed me towards my eating disorders and addiction problems, which I was able to overcome.

That my health history and family life meant I know trauma and depression and the devastation that only looking towards conventional medicine can cause. That gut issues and lifestyle are the most over-looked and yet simplest ways to overcome mental, physical and emotional health illness and dis-ease, yet your Doctor rarely asks you about these – Go Figure!

So now my purpose is to coach driven, smart women like me to take control of their own health, without relying on medication, quick fixes, or being told is ‘normal to feel like you do at your age’ – Common may be, but ‘Normal’ – absolutely not! I devised the L.E.A.R.N. Method to make the whole process of re-wiring the brain and re-booting the body progressive and straight forward.

Because here’s what I do know…

If you are teachable and open to getting curious about yourself, how you feel and how you function. If you have a desire to improve your health and live your life without being drag down with recurring pain, illness, anxiety and depression and turning to external means to ‘manage your symptoms’. If your goal is feeling fit, energetic and happy in your own body and mind for as long as you possibly can.

I can help you make that your future, go figure!

Vicky xx