Why do I lose control of my eating at night? 

So many of the people I speak to tell me they can manage their food all day long but when the evening comes something seems to take over.

All good intentions seem to just melt away and the salted nuts, cake, crisps, biscuits, pop-corn, ice-cream and whatever else is in the house are the only things that you can think about.

You try pushing the thoughts away, but an image keeps popping into your head!

You try to focus on the TV but find yourself not really knowing whats going on…

You ‘have a word’ with yourself, reminding yourself you only ate dinner an hour ago and don’t need to eat.

Yet those images of food are vivid and enticing and you feel yourself being ‘taken-over’ as you suddenly find yourself in the freezer, biscuit tin, cupboards and pantry.

You tell yourself this will be the last time..

If you are on your own, the feasting can begin, you are in lockdown and isolating, no-one needs to know right?

If you are with the family, you have a dilemma. Do you eat in the kitchen? Take it up to your room? Go eat in the bathroom telling the family you are having a bath? Or share it with the family so you don’t feel as guilty…

GUILT is so powerful, after the event.

You call yourself names, nasty hurtful names. You berate your lack of willpower.

You feel you failed, let yourself down yet again, even though you swore that last time was THE last time this would happen, here you are again.

You ask yourself ‘What is the matter with me? What can’t I stop doing this?”

I know I did this for decades!

Let me tell you its nothing to do with ‘will-power’ or being a ‘failure and out of control’ and everything to do with mindset your gut and your brain. Habit, emotions and the thoughts you are thinking.

If you are telling yourself you can’t eat certain foods, mustn’t eat after 6.00pm, or are restricting your eating during the day focusing on low calories or low carbs, you are un-knowingly setting yourself up for your night time eating!

Putting restriction on what you can and cannot do creates stress, and stress leads to you craving the very foods you are telling yourself you can’t or shouldn’t eat.


The more you tell yourself you should,’t or you can’t the more your brain will signal that is exactly what it wants and needs!

If you know night time is the time you feel you want to eat the foods that comfort and soothe, allow for that.

Give yourself permission to have a daily treat.

Buy One small packet of crisps that are just for you.

Buy one single chocolate bar.

An individual slice of cake

Sit down with it and take your time.

Take in a few deep breaths, then hold it up to your nose. Smell it, touch it.

Feel the texture in your mouth, enjoy the taste, chew it slowly, notice how it changes as you chew.

No guilt, no chastising, heck even make orgasmic noises of satisfaction and contentment if you feel the urge.

Above all ENJOY your food with out the rules and restriction, you may be delighted that just one is enough, and you are in control.

If this was helpful to you please do let me know. If you know anyone who may benefit from reading pleased do share it.

Finally if you feel you need some personal help with your body image, food, anxiety or obsession with calories and body weight pleased o book in for a chat.