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A self-guided 28 Day program for reducing pain, bloating and inflammation, improving gut health, sleep, energy levels and mood.

The outcomes and benefits of this program will vary from person to person depending on how committed and disciplined to IMPLEMENTING the daily steps you are. You will get out of it what you put in.

The Benefits & outcomes of this program can include:

Less joint & muscle painIncreased energyInch lossClearer thinking Improved mood Less puffiness & bloating More focus for longer


who is it for?

Women who want more energy and fewer mood swings.

Women who don’t want to take medication but who DO want to reduce pain, acid re-flux, wind, gas and bloating

Women who want to feel sharper, more focused and in control around food

Woman who are committed to doing the daily work to get results fast.

It’s Not for you if:

You aren’t ready to change your food choices and do the work on yourself.

You want the info to add to your ‘library of knowledge’ but have no intension of sticking to the plan as its presented to you daily.

You aren’t good at following simple instructions, preferring to do things ‘your way’.

The 28 Day Coaching Program Includes:

  • You 28 Day Manual, the Back to Basics on Food Guide, tracking sheets & checklist
  • Welcome video with instructions and details of suggested apps and aides to make this whole experience easy and fun to complete.
  • A daily email that includes either an audio, video, help sheet, information download or link to a book, product or recommendation for you to check out.
  • A daily affirmation / motivational quote
  • A daily challenge or activity to complete
  • Recipe book

The great thing about this self-guided plan is that you start as soon as you click the link below and your emails will show up in your inbox every day for 28 days. You can save them and go back to the course as many times as you like whenever you feel you need a mental boost and a metabolic reset.

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