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healthier you

This is a 16 Week program that focuses on the foundations of health and lifestyle as you begin the process of making them a part of how your life your daily life and of WHO you are being. It is the introduction to some simple health strategies that most people by-pass to get going on the specifics – to the detriment of all areas of.

The foundation of health and lifestyle are the FIRST STEP to living a life devoid of pain, anxiety and overwhelm,  free from a brain that won’t switch off, from reaching out for energy laden but nutrient free food and drink and giving yourself a chance at being and then staying dis-ease free.

This is where you learn the tools you’ll need to create new habits and rituals, to rewire your brain and allow your body and brain to chance to reset, recharge and rebuild.

Without working on these health and lifestyle foundations and allowing yourself the TIME to experience the way you feel and function, so that you keep on repeating you new ‘Healthier You’ skills and tools, you will revert back to old habits and patterns. Which means that any other protocols you then try are more likely to fail because you won’t have gotten the tools to stick with them.

Who’s it for?

Women who have fallen into self-sabotaging habits and have tried to break them with no lasting results. Women who are confused and conflicted by all the ‘health & diet’ advice out there and just want the truth.

People who are ready to change their daily habitual patterns and are curious and excited to try new things. Women you are sick of feeling fobbed off by their Doctor and want to take their health into their own hands.

Women who are ready to understand that the mind, body and emotions are inextricably linked and want to finally get the whole picture.


program includes

  • A clear “let’s get this done” container of three months.
  • 8 private 40-minute coaching calls via zoom (accessible from anywhere in the world where you have internet), scheduled as two calls per month.
  • Private review of and personalized feedback on all your assignments in the ‘HEALTHIER YOU ‘program
  • Help, accountability, and access to me to answer your questions, help you when you’re stuck, and to prod and poke you (gently) when you need it!
  • Accountability and structure are built into the system. This means that in order to schedule a coaching call, you will have sent me your completed materials for that module.
  • The program is time limited and calls won’t “rollover” each month. In other words, you are incentivised to keep moving which means with no getting stuck in perfectionism or waiting for “the perfect time” to take the next step, you’re going to kick-start your progress!

How it works:

Click the button below tocomplete the application form. Please note that I will use the information in your application to determine whether I feel I can provide value to you.

I’m unable to work with everyone who submits an application, so, please take care in filling out your application. If we are a good fit and I can truly provide value and my schedule allows, you will receive an email from me (usually within two business days) asking you to schedule a time for a chat.

Once we have had a chat and if things are a good fit, I will send you an email that will include a payment link so we can secure your place on the program. Your investment for three months of private coaching and accountability with me on the ‘HEALTHIER YOU’ program is £2300 or 3 equal payments of £800.

Once your payment is processed, you’ll receive an email with instructions for getting started, including your first ‘HEALTHIER YOU’ assignment. Once that’s completed, we’ll schedule our first coaching call.

You complete each piece (module) of the training before each coaching call. You will send me your work and any comments prior to our call and I’ll review it and provide feedback. We’ll use our coaching calls to help with any confusion, motivation issues, and generally make things work easier and better. I’ll share additional tools and help you simplify the process so that you get the most from all the materials.

We continue to repeat the process. You complete the next module, we schedule a coaching call and make your actions more effective and your progress that much better. Together we work through one module of the training at a time (plus an additional call at the end to put the finishing touches in place). Since each module covers a phase of getting you HEALTHIER by the end of our time together you’ll have all the pieces for creating, living and enjoying a new way of life as a happier and Healthier You!

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