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Have you tried to change your life and your health following a self-hep or self -development book or guru?

I have! After years of delving into the vast and wonderous world of self-development – books, online courses, weekends of enlightenment and so forth I have came to realise most of them tend to focus on transforming your life by making changes in behaviour and positive thinking without looking at the ‘things that drive those behaviours and thinking’.

The Cues – Triggers – Experiences – Trauma – Social Conditioning – Perception
Interpretation – Lifestyle choices

Or the PHYSICAL stuff

Medication – Drug use – Alcohol – Gut microbiome – Cellular function
Mould – Bacterial infections – Parasites

A big chunk of the puzzle was missing and this why I devised the L.E.A.R.N Method.


what is it?

A is for Awareness – before we can begin to change anything we have to first have an awareness of it. 

R for Responsibility – then we have to take responsibility for it or ‘own it fully’ before we get to change it. 

N for Navigating and Nurture – so that we can navigate the steps to change in a way that helps us grow and thrive.  

Language & Energy are CRUCIAL to being able to do all of the above  

Language = Words and Thoughts, Limiting beliefs 

How words and thoughts are interpreted, perceived and then translated, both internally on an energetic cellular and nervous system level, and externally through posture, tone and volume.  

The language we use in our heads is the most powerful tool we have to transforming from where we are and who we are being now, into who we want to be…how we behave and how we feel physically, energetically and emotionally.  

Energy = cellular function, digestion, EXERCISE, the food we EAT, the air we breathe, how we breathe, sleep, stress, environment and our EMOTIONS 

Everything is energy, WE are energy! All the above factors affect how we think, feel and act. Awareness of all these factors allows us to be able to take responsibility for where we are and how we can best go about making changes that are in alignment with our desire to live a fulfilling, joyful, healthy and long life with people we love. 

The LEARN METHOD is implemented in all my programs as I believe it is the most SIMPLE and successful way of achieving long term change and a happier, healthier life.

Individual Coaching

I offer a No Bull, straight talking, simple approach to transforming the way you look and feel and speak and think and feel and behave and react.

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Feel Great In 28

A self-guided 28 Day program for reducing pain, bloating and inflammation, improving gut health, sleep, energy levels and mood.

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Healthier You Program

This is a 16 Week program that focuses on the foundations of health and lifestyle. Click Below to find out more.

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