Individual Coaching


Working With Me 1:1

I offer a No Bull, straight talking, simple approach to transforming the way you look, feel, speak, think, feel, behave and react, by coaching you using science based facts (not fiction) , truth, honesty, understanding and compassion.
You can work with me in person face to face, online or as combination of the two.

I offer 6, 9 or 12 Months Individual coaching as well as optional full or half day VIP Coaching options. All of my coaching uses my L.E.A.R.N. Method (Language, Emotions, Awareness, Responsibility, Nurture) to transformation that takes you from struggle and strive to Thrive.

The individualised coaching programs are designed to support you with tools, strategies, guidance, and expertise to help you create the the health, life and success you crave in a way that’s individualised to fit  you.

Thisprogram is designed for people who are curious and committed to creating lasting health and lifestyle changes successfully & simply in ways that add more energy, calm and joy!


  • People who is not happy trying the same stuff over again hoping for a different outcome. You want long term lasting results – you’re not looking for a sticking plaster. You can see the things that haven’t worked and you’re ready to get off the hamster wheel and step into a different way of doing things.
  • People who’s life is busy, complex and you know you deserve better than a cookie cutter solution.
  • People who are ready to find an easier way of living and being, that gets rid of guilt, overwhelm, pain and anxiety leaving them feeling more purposeful, calmer and in charge of their lives.
  • People who want to keep their issues private and don’t feel comfortable in a group coaching environment.

By design, we’ll work together over a period of time that’s long enough for you to test out and implement new behaviours, routines, and ways of thinking.

We’ll use your experience to continually adjust your approach so that it fits you and your life. One of the strengths of this program springs from our commitment to work together for six months to a year.

This program may or may not include some health testing, if deemed necessary.

This will be dependant on the answers to your initial health history, stress and environment questionnaires and how you feel as you progress through the program.


Program Includes

  • A detailed set of “getting-started” questionnaire that will provide clarity and insights, all on their own.
  • A 90-minute strategy session where we create the solid foundations for our work together.
  • We’ll clarify your goals and define how our work together will fit into and enrich your life. We’ll look at how the parts of your life work together (or don’t), where you are leveraging your strengths, where things could be easier, and examine how food, distractions and health-sabotaging patterns weave their way through all areas of your life. We’ll use this information to begin designing the path our work together will take.
  • We’ll identify your natural strengths throughout our coaching so that, as much as possible, your actions, new habits, and the routines you put in place are tailored to your natural style of doing things.
  • Coaching appointments are scheduled twice per month and last approximately 60-90 minutes. You’ll leave each call with a plan of action designed to move you forward. We’ll meet by phone or zoom
  • Access to my FEEL GREAT IN 28 online program, the complete self-guided program for reducing inflammation and improving gut health as well as creating freedom from emotional eating (available for £297).
  • Email and Voxer support over the time of our coaching work together.

Here’s how it works:

Click the button below and book in for a chat.

If we are a good fit I will send you a couple of initially questionnaires.

Once you complete and return those, we’ll schedule a 30-60 minute phone call to talk about your answers, your health issues, worries, concerns and whether or not I am the best coach to be able to help you.

If I am not I will make some suggestion to help you or recomened you to someone who I think may be a better fit. If we agree to go ahead, we can begin to craft and customise the coaching experience that will work best for you.

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