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Thrive not Strive – A practical Guide to feeling Happy, Confident & Healthy Again!

Vicky Midwood takes you through a step-by-step process of self discovery. She invites you to fully participate in getting curious about yourself and your thinking, your habits and beliefs with easy to use exercises laid out clearly in this easy to follow guide to truly living and Thriving.

She covers the 3 R’s and how they are keeping you stuck as well as the 4 S’s that we all need to improve on we are to practice the ART (Awareness, Responsibility, Taking aligned action) of health & happiness and grab life by the BALLS!

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If anything in the body becomes out of balance, it ultimately impacts the health and function of the thyroid. For this reason, a thyroid problem is seldom just a “thyroid” problem. The thyroid is impacted by so many other things in the body that when its hormone levels are out of line, it’s a sign that some other area(s) of your health also need to be addressed.

This is EXACTLY I do in my Individualised Coaching programs, but if that option is not for you right now I have produced this short guide to help you help yourself take some simple steps to feeling better without medication.

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