If you know you want to make big changes in your life but don't know where to start or what to do first this is a great option for you. Please read a little further down to find out more


A Half Day or a Full day of 1:1 Coaching to deep dive into what you need to help you live the life you want and find out whats hoding you back

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When life is stopping you making changes to your health and happiness you can't beat a retreat. Take the chance to get away from it all and fast track your way to feeling better in yourself. Check out more on the Website here

VIP Days

When only in-person will do.

A VIP day is the best way to really dig deep into what may be holding you back or where you need to change your focus as you transform your lifestyle & habits.

Great as a compliment to online coaching, or as a kick start on your working on your mindset, and the principles you need to focus on to elicit change in the most important area of your life

Choose a whole day including Lunch & Dinner or a half day or even over night

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Thanks to technology its doesn't matter where you live in the world we can see one another and talk, and that is what coaching is all about.

A coach helps you see things you cannot see for yourself.

Your coaching needs to be a priority as you make life changes but also has to fit in with current commitments. I offer 6 or 12 month packages.

The amount of time we interact face to face each month will vary depending on your needs along the way.

You will follow a program that looks at all areas of life from finance to food, mindset to movement,  but the order in which we work through each part will be determined by where you are now and the area of your life in which you can make the most important changes first.

Principles not set coaching methods are how I help and guide you to finding the easiest and simplest ways for you to make and sustain change

You will work on the 6 Health & wellness principles of ENERGY if your physical health is your biggest issue

And the THRIVE principles if total a lifestyle & well-being transformation is your desire.

Both sets of principles are guided by 3 main ones




As your coach I help you working through these areas ans see much more clearly exactly why you are where you are right now and what you can do to change things if that is what you truly want to do.

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