These are Mini-breaks of one or two nights and your chance to take the VIP days a step further and DEEP DIVE into your thinking and life patterns in a wonderfully relaxing stress free environment without having to rush off back home without the space to really take in what you have just experienced and reflect on how you feel before being catapulted straight back into your usual roles.

ENVIRONMENT is so important when it comes to giving yourself permission to STOP pretending to be the person you think everyone thinks you should be.


Once you allow yourself some space,  my wish for you...

Is that you stop believe you should, must and have to think and behave a certain way, simply because you always have done. Now is the time to stop doing what you have always done, as that only leads to you having more of what you already have.

Is that you stop caring what other people think. Its your life, your health, your body and your mind what they think about you is their issue not yours. You cannot change how other people think, but you can change how you feel about what they think.

Is that you stop believing that change is hard. It’s a lie you have been told to keep you stuck and fearful of getting curios about yourself and exactly what you are capable of! Change is liberating and empowering, it’s fun and exciting and the more you embrace it the easier it gets.

You will be able to start to explore what makes you light up and you will have the time to allow yourself to be honest with yourself about what you want for yourself

You can share what you feel, laugh, cry and everything in between, knowing there is no judgment only love. Its an opportunity to get curious about the true you, not the you that feels stuck and stagnant and can't see anything ever getting better, its about freeing the real you that has dreams and visions for her future, and wants to see if she can make them come true.

The aim is have fun, to relax to enjoy being pampered and to stay in the moment and really enjoy living!


Whats included: Lunch & relaxation in a spa or bar Plus depending on the venue:

A three course evening meal unhurried in private dining room, bed and breakfast for one or two nights (your choice), a light lunch

DATES: Through out the year

Group days start  £175

VIP Days start at £450


If you want to book for this option simple contact me  with the dates you have in mind.

NB: This can be taken as a  1:1 retreat or 1:2

A group option is also available for up to 6 in one retreat weekend or single day