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Have you been struggling to get through the day physically, mentally and emotionally?

Feeling like every day is the same old struggle with time, energy and too much to do?


Are the weeks turning into months and you are trying hard but nothing gets any easier and you are not quite sure how you are managing to keep going?


Your weight keeps creeping up,  joints and muscles hurt even more, energy levels are dipping lower and your libidos' long gone....


And all the while you are consistently wishing things were different?




With a change in thinking, and some simple tweaks in your current habits



is your chance to start making your wishes become your reality.


'THRIVE for Summer' is NOT a diet plan, though we will look at food, as what you eat on a daily basis affects your mood, motivation, ability to make good decision and of course your energy levels and total health.



But we also look at what makes you 'tick'

  •  What patterns you are repeating that actually are not serving you well, but you don't know how to change.


  • What kind of language you are using that, unwittingly, is keeping you stuck in a cycle of habits and actions around others; keeping you struggling to change and believing the 'harder' you try, the better it will be ( it won't! - Harder is NEVER better in anything!)


  • How your lifestyle choices are affecting your daily life and just what simple steps you can start to implement immediately to start making a difference in your health & happiness.



Mind-set, mantra, affirmation & positive thinking program, though these tools will be used along the way as and when appropriate.



A program focused on you getting to know YOU fully and completely, by understanding how your brain works and why you may have been going about self improvement and change in the wrong way.


What do I mean by that? 


So many ladies believe change is all about deprivation, being tough on themselves, eating less, training harder, doing more for others and less for themselves, for fear of being perceived as selfish...


Which often results in over eating, loads of guilt which adds to the stress and anxiety they are already under from trying to be all things to all people!




Overweight, unhappy snappy, relying on medication to sleep, for pain and digestive issues, unmotivated to exercise and generally too shattered to really find fun and enjoyment in anything in life!


Sound familiar? Not the results you were after, right? 


Honestly I get it? I know how much we women take on and how we tell everyone we are 'fine' yet secretly we just want to throw the duvet over our heads and shut out the world for while!


It may feel like right now its too much effort to even contemplate doing things differently...but you also know that if nothing changes, nothing changes!


The thought of NOTHING changing however,  may be just what you need to spur you into getting curious about how THRIVE for Summer may just be able to help you feel more confident and positive in your ability to make some changes and finally start to get the results you want.



More Energy, better sleep, less anxiety, more control over food, fewer mood swings and a sense of fun and enjoying life, that you haven't had for WAY too long!


Logically your mind may be saying

"You wont do it, you haven't got time"

"It'll  be just another thing you say you'll do but don't" 

"It won't work for me" 


But your subconscious brain is saying


"Go on, just see if this might help you"

"You can't feel any worse and you could feel a lot better"

Which means deep down you DO want to do things differently and live a better more fulfilling, happier and healthier life.






To feel free er to be yourself and ask for what you need and want without guilt or embarrassment.


  • Better body confidence as you learn to eat for nutrition not to feed your mood, fatigue or emotions.


  • A feeling of being empowered and in control of your life and your choices, instead of running around trying to please everyone else first.


  • A sense of re-discovering the fun, joy and excitement of living a life you want, not one you feel you have to live.




This is an online program delivered one module per week via video and worksheets to your inbox over 6 weeks, with an online group for accountability, support and Q & A


Each module covers one of the 5 THRIVE principles


T   thoughts & Beliefs

H  ormones & Hydration

R  est & Digest

I  ntuition & implementation

V  alues & Boundaries

E  nergy & Emotions


This program is a great START to making changes in all those areas and gives you the tools to continue on your own or to join of the full THRIVE not STRIVE for Life program to being able to create a healthier, happier life you love.


If you know its for you hit the button below, if you are not sure please get in touch and we can have a chat to see is it is the right plan for you or not.

No pressure and no 'selling' I hate it from others, and I don't do it myself!

Vicky Midwood xx