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VIP days are the step further and DEEP DIVE into your thinking and life patterns in a wonderfully relaxing stress free environment without having to rush off back home. You have space to breath, relax and really tune into your feelings, thoughts and needs without the distractions of daily life getting in the way.

You get the opportunity to be yourself and just talk, to reflect on how you feel what you want and to leave with a strategy of how to get that for yourself before being catapulted straight back into your usual roles. ENVIRONMENT is so important when it comes to giving yourself permission to STOP pretending to be the person you think everyone thinks you should be.

You will be able to start to explore what makes you light up and you will have the time to allow yourself to be honest with yourself about what you want for yourself.

You can share what you feel, laugh, cry and everything in between, knowing there is no judgment only love. Its an opportunity to get curious about the true you, not the you that feels stuck and stagnant and can’t see anything ever getting better, its about freeing the real you that has dreams and visions for her future, and wants to see if she can make them come true.

The aim is have fun, to relax to enjoy being pampered and to stay in the moment and really enjoy the process of knowing YOU a little better than you currently do.


the VIP options

  • My undivided attention the whole time we are together
  • Exercise / movement / spa treatment
  • Breakfast or Lunch & relaxation in a spa or Hotel depending on the venue:
  • On the overnight or weekend option you will enjoy a relaxing massage and a three course evening meal unhurried in private dining room
  • Your personalised strategy for the next steps to achieving the health, wealth relationships and lifestyle you truly desire.

How it works

Click the button below to complete the application. Please note that I will use the information in your application to determine whether I feel I can provide value to you.

I’m unable to work with everyone who submits an application, so, please take care in filling out your application. If we are a good fit and I can truly provide value and my schedule allows, you will receive an email from me (usually within two business days) asking you to schedule a time for a chat.

Once we have had a chat and if things are a good fit, we can decide the best option for you. Either a half day, full day or overnight option. The investment for VIP coaching starts at £650 for a half day (5 hrs). The venue will be chosen based on proximity and ease of travel for both of us.

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Individual Coaching

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